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Winter in Canada, British Columbia Cariboo region and out doors activity.

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_MG_1383 jpeg_V0W5782  Sun rise  17x12  jpeg_V0W5924  Bowron Lake  fin 3_MG_3266 spruce 3 fr jpeg_MG_0996 Bowron Lake_V0W5527 pebbles jpeg_V0W5908  Bowron Lake jpeg_MG_0716-musher_V0W6092 fin 2 Cross countrySki-3291 fin Cross country skiing_V0W6490 2 Snowboarding_V0W6629 Wells_V0W6604 snow board Wells_V0W6626 Snowboard_V0W6576 Snowboarding_MG_1919 Bowron Lake sunrise